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Union ESIEA demands investigation into attacks on journalists covering murder of Greek mafioso

Reporters covering the assassination of Greek mafioso Vassilis Stefanakos on Wednesday complained that they became target of attacks by ‘individuals’ they alleged they were affiliated with the victim. The Union demands immediate investigation by Minister of Public Order saying police did nothing to prevent the attacks.

” They built a human cordon around the crime scene hindering us to do our job, while the policemen did nothing,” a reporter of private ANT1 TV said on a news program.

Late on Thursday, the board of the Journalists’ Union ESHEA condemned the attacks and denounced the police attitude urging the Minister of Public Order to investigate the issue.

“Journalists, technicians, photographers and ordinary citizens who were found at the crime scene  were attacked with rage by specific individuals alleged to be connected with the Vassilis Stefanakos while at the same time police officers stood as mere bystanders,”, ESIEA said in a statement.

The attacks were not individual but in contrast they increased as time passed, creating extreme conditions for our colleagues, but also for the ordinary citizens who had gathered there,” the statement continued adding that one cameraman was transferred to the hospital with injuries caused by beating.

Describing the attitude of police as “unacceptable” the Journalists’ Union demands the Minister of Public Order investigates the issue immediately, impute responsibilities and respond to what has  unprecedentedly happened against journalists and “defenseless fellow citizens.”

Stressing that Greek journalists can do their job under the most difficult circumstances, the union underlines that Greek journalist are not afraid of either bullies or other organized groups.”

Greek mafioso Vassilis Stefenakos assassinated in West Athens

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