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Stoltenberg rules out NATO’s invitation to FYROM without solution of ‘Macedonia’ name dispute

NATO will invite Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to join the Alliance as a member country once a mutually acceptable solution is reached in the name dispute with Greece, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg says in an interview with Skopje’s news agency MIA.
Asked whether FYROM will be extended a membership invitation at the NATO Summit in Brussels without a settled name issue, under the provisional reference FYROM, Stoltenberg categorically said that the position of NATO remains unchanged.”No. NATO’s position remains unchanged. All decisions in NATO are reached based on a consensus among all NATO allies. At the summit in Bucharest and all other subsequent summits, they agreed that NATO will invite your country to join after a mutually acceptable solution to the name issue under UN’s auspices is reached”, Stoltenberg told MIA.The NATO chief said he welcomes the renewed negotiations between Greece and FYROM. source IBNA

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  1. I really hope Greece ceases the ongoing talks and continues to veto FYROM NATO and EU membership. They don’t deserve Greece’s negotiation as they clearly continued to irresponsibly provoke Greece; they have maps that depict their country’s borders as going deep Greek territory. They keep erecting Alexander the Great statues and and erecting buildings with Ancient Greek architecture in provocation. The world already recognized FYROM has Macedonia and they alone should take the blame for Greece’s past, current and future vetos. NATO has clearly failed to prevent tension between Greece and Turkey (NATO members) so there is no advantage of voting for FYROM to join NATO, or the EU for that matter. Greece loses in every scenario so they should just continue to veto FYROM NATO and EU membership and continue on with their lives and efforts to come out of their economic crisis.