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Majority of Greeks reject “Macedonia” in FYROM name, as thousands flock to Thessaloniki rally

Despite the government optimism about a solution to the name dispute with the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the majority of Greeks reject compromises that include the term ‘Macedonia’, thus increasing pressure on the left-wing/nationalist coalition on political and diplomatic level.

In a public opinion poll conducted by Metron Analysis for daily Ta Nea, majority of Greeks reject the five name variations proposals tabled by UN Special Envoy, Matthew Nimetz.

77% reject that the term Macedonia be included in the new FYROM name. Other name variations are been rejected with a higher percentage.

78% reject Upper Macedonia, while 18% agree

77% (basis 604 people) reject the old proposal Nova Makedonjia, while 19% agree

82% (Basis 598 people) reject New Macedonia, while 15% agree

Other name variations are been rejected with a higher percentage.

61% of Greeks want a referendum in order to find a mutually acceptable solution.

The Greek society appears divided with regards to continuation of negotiations with FYROM, with 50% of the respondents considering that there is room for an acceptable solution. A 44% disagrees.

The referendum issue divides also the coalition government, with left-wing SYRIZA to reject such an option, while conservative-nationalist leader of Independent Greeks, Panos Kammenos, favor a referendum.

Meanwhile, the countdown for the big Macedonia protest rally in Thessaloniki has started, people are flocking to the White Tower, hours before the rally begins at 2 p.m. Sunday.

121.01 sillalitirio thessaloniki

Buses carrying protesters from other regions have left in the early morning hours. Dozens of buses have reportedly left Athens and Piraeus. At least, 450 buses are expected to arrive alone from   Athens and Peloponnese.

One bus was attacked with stones and sticks by anti-authoritarians around 7 o’ clock in downtown Athens.

A group of Cretan protesters traveled to Thessaloniki together with their horses. They made a stop at the monument of Leonidas and raised a banner reading “When traitors govern, blame the patriots.”

Rally poster: No even at least… We’ll all be there.

Rally organizers estimate that 20,000 to 30,000 people will protest a name solution containing the term ‘Macedonia”.

A counter-rally is scheduled for 1 o’ clock.

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  1. This English woman agrees with the majority of Greeks. Given the expansionist rhetoric and history of the region.

  2. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    English nationalism is as foolish and counterproductive as Greek nationalism, or any opther nationalism. What should matter is having enough food to eat and somewhere decent to live, not ideological propaganda about a semi-fake history.

  3. Any nationalism is hated by martie, he wishes atheism and mass immigration upon us all

  4. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    In reply to the Golden Toilet supporter: I consider religion and nationalism to be the cause of more suffering and death than anything else in human history. These two things have damaged humanity so badly that it is impossible to exaggerate their evilness. Those who think otherwise are foolishly deluded, at best.

  5. Deluded fool. It’s humans that cause human suffering not religion or anything else. Almost all religions preach peace

  6. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    KTG: kindly delete the outrageous personal and professional attack made by Tsigantes or I shall instruct a lawyer to deal with the matter. You bear the legal responsibility for anything posted here.

  7. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    Thank you for deleting it. It was really nasty and uncalled for.

  8. Get a lawyer to delete a comment on a new site ? Really? Very theatrical aren’t we

  9. Hecataeus Miletuss

    @Michael, although in the USA, there is not insult law, and people can call each other all types of venemous names, in Europe, they take these types of personal insults much more seriously and in some cases can press charges against individuals. In fact, I remember a case of an American in London who was verbally assaulted on a metro (tube) and just for someone calling him nasty names about him being an American, he alerted the authorities who happened to be on the tube a bit away and this person was detained for harrassing someone and insulting them I suppose. Whereas in the USA, I suppose he would just have to brush it off if it was just verbal.