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Greece’s Anti-terror Police arrests young Afghan with detonators in his back-bag

Greece’ anti-terror police has arrested a foreign national in procession of several detonators and identity cards in downtown Athens  on Saturday night. According to local media, the man had in his back-bag seven electric and electronic detonators and several ID cards which police assume they were fake. The man is to be an Afghan national.

Private television channels reported on Sunday that the man had a meal in a restaurant in Lycabettus area and he refused to pay the bill. The owner called the police and the story ended in his detention. The official Greek news agency amna reports however, that the man was wandering as a homeless and holding the back-bag with the detonators.The suspect has no permanent residence and he has been living in several different apartments together with other foreign nationals.

Nevertheless, the news about his detention was uploaded first on a website that belongs to the anti-authoritarian movement in Athens. In a short news item, they call him “comrade.”

According to media, the man has so far refused to answer police’s questions about his identity or give any information about the detonators.

The man is said to have claimed that he is 19 years old. According to unconfirmed information he was detained in the past for violating the alien’s law.

Police investigates about his real identity and what was the origin and the purpose of the detonators in his bag.

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  1. How interesting that no one can get what should be a simple story straight.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      what are you talking about? According to police on Monday, he had 78 detonators. and some media report he is 30 years old – he grew over the weekend in a police cell. lol