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US Ambassador Pyatt: “My worry is about a Greek-Turkish accident” in the Aegean

US Ambassador to Athens, Jeffry Pyatt, expresses his concern about the Greek-Turkish tensions in the Aegean Sea. In an interview to private Skai TV, he said “My worry is about an accident.” The US fears of an ‘accident’ come in the wake of the new tension in the islet of Imia over the weekend.

“My concern, my fear, is the accident … As long as you have these lethal complex military systems operating close to each other there is always a terrible risk of an accident, which of course will cause great complications in your relationship” Jeffry Pyatt warned.

With regards to the name dispute of Macedonia, the ambassador said that the US support the efforts of the United Nations mediator who arrives on Tuesday in Athens and will be in Skopje on Wednesday.

“We support Matthew Nimetz and the efforts of the United Nations. I am optimistic. And we will do everything, as America, to support Nimetz’s efforts in the days and weeks that we have before us, “the US ambassador says.

Referring generally to the West Balkans, Pyatt stressed that “it is in their interest to join NATO and the EU”.

The interview will be broadcast half an hour after Tuesday midnight.

PS I think every US ambassador has to live with this fear since 1996.

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  1. Allow me to play Mean Greek today.

    Ambassador Pyatt was sent on to Athens straight from birthing the US coup in Ukraine and has been saying this since he arrived just over a year ago. Meanwhile oligarch Greek tv pushes this night & day for months until grandmothers tremble in their beds. No doubt about it an ‘incident’ in the Aegean will be an excuse for war on Turkey if & when NATO judges it necessary. Let’s hope they refrain from hurting civilians.

  2. They scraped the bottom of the barrel for this so-called “ambassador”. Hasn’t he done enough damage to international diplomacy?

  3. @Tsigantes.. Your comment is quite intriguing… Hmmm…. One question I have for you. Is the NATO treaty to protect another NATO member invoked when one NATO member attacks another NATO member? And what is one of those NATO members has Russia (Erdogan-Putin connection) as a backer. Does that make it more creepy for Greece and the rest of Nato?