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New labor practices: Hotel in Kos fines employees with €30 for customers’ complains

New practices in a labor market where workers’ rights have been crashed in the name of “competitiveness” if we were to believe the International Monetary Fund. A hotel on the island of Kos has a list of fines to impose on personal if the customers’ complain for various issues.

Lack or deficiency in the cleaning of room? The cleaning staff will have to pay 30 euros. Per complain!

Too late to work? The fine is 10 euros.

Furthermore, each employee and worker will have his or hers bag searched by the security guards every time he or she leaves the hotel at the end of the shift.

The Union of Hotel Personnel and Waiters on the island of Kos denounced the measures saying that “the new hotel facility” on the island is putting pressure on employees to sign private work contracts that contain the above mentioned measures.

Without mentioning the hotel name, the Union notes that this practice is being introduced by a “new, multi-promoted touristic facility” on the island.

Stressing that this practice creates new labor standards, the union said it will file a complain to the Department of Labor Inspection of the Labor Ministry. – via athensnewsagency

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  1. This is not an unacceptable practice of cors but could act as a detterant for employees..I believe a bit of more politeness could do no harm to Greek hotel employees .., Once in Sunio and another time in Leros, my holiday was utterly ruined due to very rude hotel employees..I believe this is more of a problem of touristic areas as I had been welcomed greatly in many small boutique/family run hotels in smaller island or interlard.