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UPD Threats over Macedonia name: FM Kotzias receives letter “We have three bullets for you”

Minister for Citizen Protection, Nikos Toskas, revealed that Foreign Minister, Nikos Kotzias, received a letter threatening him and his family. “We have three bullets for you,” the anonymous sender wrote, Toskas said adding that the letter did not contain any bullets. Speaking to private ANT1 TV on Friday morning, the Citizen Protection Minister did not reveal any more details. However, he implied that the letter was in connection with the Macedonia name dispute negotiations that are currently taking place between Greece and FYROM under the auspices of UN Special Envoy Matthew Nimetz.

The letter came to the Foreign Ministry on Thursday, three days before the Macedonia protest rally in Athens organized by several groups that oppose the term Macedonia to be included in a compound name for FYROM.

Describing the threats as “unacceptable” Toskas stressed “we don’t need to comment on how dangerous is for someone to send threatening letters because he does not agree with the way the negotiations are taking place.”

Authorities are investigating the letter trying to trace the sender.

Toskas referred to a video uploaded on social media where the president of a tiny party said “Let’s finish them, one bullet for the enemy, two for the traitors, three if necessary.” Noting that authorities investigate the video threats, Toskas said “they have no right. The extreme voices have led to extreme mistakes and tragedies.”

He stressed that “people have the right to demonstrate and express the national interest, but it is the government’s work to negotiation through the dialogue.”

UPDATE: According to Greek media, Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias has received not one but two threatening letters. the above mentioned letter concluded with the sentence “The amry should enter the Parliament.”

Sources of the Ministry for Citizens Protection have said that four more government ministers have received anonymous letter with threatening and insulting content. some letters were hand-written. Some spoke of “treason.”

The letters were sent before and after the Macedonia protest rally in Thessaloniki


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