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Greece describe Turkish threats as “contemptible statements”

The Spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, A. Yennimatas, stressed the following in response to a journalist’s question concerning statements made, regarding Imia, by an advisor to the Turkish President:

“Contemptible statements such as these that came from the advisor to the Turkish President are foreign to European political culture. Given the position this official holds, he would do well to understand that statements like these do not contribute towards the improvement of relations between the two countries.

As we have said before, one’s actions reflect on oneself.

Moreover, we remind him that the legal status of the Aegean is clear and established by international law. From what we gather, the gentleman in question could hardly be studious,” the MFA statement said.

In a television interview, chief advisor of Turkish President Erdogan, Yigit Bulut, has threatened Greece over the disputed islet of Imia in the Eastern Aegean Sea. “Athens will face the wrath of Turkey worse than that in Afrin,” Bulut said in a Television show of a private network. “We will break the arms and legs of officials, of the Prime Minister and any Minister, who dares to step on the Kardak/Imia islet in the Aegean,” he claimed.

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