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Conspiracy Theories: Low Frequency Waves bombard Athenians to undermine Macedonia Protest

There is no doubt that the Macedonia name dispute has triggered high tension not only between the government and the opposition but also between left-wing SYRIZA and his nationalist coalition partner Independent Greeks. this is normal. It’s the politics and the anti-politics. It is also normal that the tension in political level has spread among those society groups engaged in the issue: the SYRIZA supporters, the opposition, mainly conservative New Democracy, supporters, the modern times Macedonian warriors who vehemently reject the term Macedonia in FYROM’s new name, the nationalists, the patriots of the Greek diaspora, the far-rightists. Excluded are not the conspiracy theorists who claim that Athenians are being bombarded with Extremely Low Frequency ELF Waves. Aim of this subtle brain manipulation is to prevent residents of the Greek capital from joining the Macedonia protest on February 4th.

According to the ELF-author of a blog post uploaded on an nationalist, anti-migrant and conspiracy theorist website on January 30th , foreign powers are sending these ELF waves in order to undermine the Macedonia protest in Athens.

These “low frequencies are being perceived in the last few days by the residents of the center of Athens late at night, from 1 a.m. until 5 o’ clock in the dawn. These low frequencies are also the reason for the [alleged[ sudden increase of  heart attacks.”

Furthermore, the author claims that “these low frequencies cause the buildings to vibrate and help trasnfer words somebody can hear without the help of a sound speaker.”

The author, a person with an avatar dressed like Alexander the Great, claims that the same low frequencies were transmitted also before the Macedonia rally in Thessaloniki.

“A similar sound was heard in the sky of Thessaloniki some time ago. It is a deep, subdued sound that comes form above and falls like a sound wave causing vibrations in the buildings. Residents in the center of Athens are alarmed and wonder where the sounds come from. According to recordings, this is a very low transmission of electromagnetic waves with the scientific names ELF.

The author cites as source of this huge and horrifying bombardment “a friend who is technician.”

In modern times, the fake news spread like a wild fire in the Greek internet and social media and there are indeed people who believe this foreign conspiracy theory to prevent the patriotic Greeks from raising their voice against a compound name with Macedonia in it.

Some cool Greeks offered solutions to these desperate patriots.

A helmet a la Alexander the Great

or a more compatible

or the very economic version of …

a well-known Tin Foil Hat that has been protecting Americans for decades now from similar mysterious attacks and thus at low cost.

Other posted a scientific proof of the “Syriza low frequency waves that will cause significant harm to those attending the protest rally.

BTW: There is also this tin foil hat version for those attending the rally together with their pets.

However, it is not only the crowd on internet to believe in conspiracy theories.

PS where researchers have failed so far is that they have not investigated the impact on ten-year austerity on the Greeks’ mental health.

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  1. Hecataeus Miletuss

    Is it a coincidence that these tin foil hats also seem to fit and resemble the alien race known as the “Andorians”. Google Andorians and see that they have antennas that grow out of their heads that would fit these tin foil hats quite well. However, I was not aware if Andorians had felus catus specimens on their planet? But, to tell the truth, I’ve often wondered if Felus Catus’s taxonomic nomenclature was nothing more than an endothermic quadruped, carniverous by nature? Anyways I’m rambling.

  2. Shakespeare wrote a play a long time ago about this question of FYROM’s name. It was called “Much Ado About Nothing”! As if changing a name will change the politics of a country, its characteristics or the way the world looks at it.