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Unimpressed from Macedonia mass protest, Greek gov’t will continue talks as planned, says

The first government reaction to the Macedonia protest came from Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, right after the Greek police announced its estimation of the number of participant sat 140,000 people.

Minister Kotzias who leads the negotiations with FYROM over the Macedonia name implied that the number of participants was not huge enough to have him change the negotiation strategy on a compound name.

“Today, the corrupted opinion polls of the intermingling have been dismissed. The nakedness of New Democracy has been exposed as well of those who did not hear the word of the Ecumenical Patriarch. Millions of Greek patriots made their choice. So I continue the negotiations with a calm conscience and responsibility for the good of the country,” Kotzias tweeted.

Organizers claim it was 1,500,000 people in the protest, real life estimatioons speak of maximum 200,000 people.

Of course, the government is unimpressed. It wasn’t even impressed by the 62% NOs in the Referendum of 2015. #JustSaying

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  1. Poso megalous malakas einai aftous sti Syriza? 😤

  2. The end of Syriza is nigh upon them

  3. Whatever the number, more people were in the street than all the anti-austerity demonstrations
    COMBINED! If Mr. Kotsias wants a conscience-cleansing experience, why not put this national issue to a plebiscite? Folks need to realize exposing TITO’s/Soviet Comintern’s Great “Macedonia” Hoax is not about Nationalism dating back to the creation of the Greek Nation, rather, it is about Hellenism and a Hellenic Identity, dating back 3000 years! Legitimizing the mistakes of the past, when presented an opportunity to correct same before the International Community, is unforgivable and a dangerous boost to revisionist history.