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Novartis: EU Commissioner to file lawsuit to have “protection status” of witness lifted

EU Migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said that he will file a lawsuit to Greece’s Supreme Court (Arios Pagos) and also a request to lift the protection status of  one of the “protected witnesses” whose testimony has involved the name of former Health Minister in Novartis bribery case. In a press conference Friday noon, Avramopoulos said the case was “a frame-up” and called the witness a “false witness.”

The Novartis case was built on the testimonies of anonymous witnesses and they have to be identified, he said adding that the witnesses’ “testimonies are based on rumors and contain no evidence.”

“This case does not touche me at all. I express my indignation and sorrow that the public debate is being monopolized by a case that has all the features of a plot,” Avramopoulos stated in the offices of the European Commission in Athens where he held the press conference.

“No hoodie, no false witness, no plot can defame me,” he underlined.

He spoke of a “dark case that undermines democracy.”

“If legitimacy is not restored, I will bring the issue to all European institutions in order to have the rule of law restored in Greece,” he added.

The name of EU Commissioner was involved in the Novartis case based on the testimony of one witness out of three witnesses all of them enjoying a “protection status.”


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