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US Ambassador to Athens to travel to Ankara amid Imia crisis

U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic Geoffrey R. Pyatt is traveling to Ankara from 15 – 16 February 2018, the US Embassy in Athens said in a statement. Pyatt will have also consultations with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Wess Mitchell and several of his regional counterparts to discuss a range of topics, including our ambitious energy agenda where coordination with Ambassadors from Baku to Belgrade is intrinsic to our strategy, the statement added.

The US embassy in Athens dismissed Turkish media report that Payatt will meet with the leadership of the Turkish diplomary.

“Contrary to press reports, he will not be meeting with Turkish Foreign Affairs Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.”

Pyatt will be heading to Ankara amid a fresh escalation between Athens and Ankara after a Turkish Coast Guard Board rammed a patrol boat of the Greek Coast Guard on Monday.


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  1. This malevolent idiot isn’t fit to be ambassador to Tuvalu. US scraped the bottom of the barrel when looking for ambassador to Greece. Great lack of respect for the home of democracy.

  2. @CarlWilliam, why do you say that. I’ve heard he is a really nice person. I’ve heard he is a career diplomat, non-partisan, and really cares about America and wants to make it great again. Is that so wrong? Plus, I understand that he really loves his time in Greece. Have you tried to learn more about him? Or are you just parroting the negative fake news channels? And one final question. Since you say America is scraping the bottom of the barrell, I would respectfully ask you what would be a good choice for Ambassador? Do you know someone that President Trump should nominate that is better qualified?

  3. US Ambassador Pyatt was sent directly to Athens from his ‘triumph’ in Ukraine without the normal 4 years at home, and since arrival has been talking up Greek-Turkish war in the Med, which the Greek MSM obediently parrots and which step by step appears to be coming true – and may, if needed. Enough said. Meanwhile who is meant or included in “our” ambitious energy agenda??

  4. @Tsigantes, Ok, thanks for this info, but as I’m not aware of what triumph you refer? But, if he did well in Ukraine, then Greece is a step up for him? I would think that his job is to do well for the country of USA plus try to be diiplomatic and assist the host nation country in understanding the USA’s foreign policy? Has he not done this well? If not, who would be a beter choice to “Maker American Great’ as President Trump has said? Are you an American?