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Snowstorms in Central Greece – Weather Forecast over the Carnival weekend

Heavy snow storms in Central Greece have forced local authorities of Domokos to have schools closed on Friday, sending home children and personnel for a really long weekend. Mostly hit by the snow falls are the prefectures of Fthiotida and Aitoloakarnania in Central and West Greece but also of Achaia in North-West Peloponnese.

Snow storm in the mountainous areas of Trikala. In some areas abomve 400 m , snows is higher than 50cm.

Local authorities teams in Fournas rescue a driver stranded in the snow

Snow on the mountain of Ainos on the island of Kefalonia.

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The bad weather front will continue sweeping across East mainland and the islands of the North Aegean Sea. Meteorologist forecast rainfalls in the low lands and snow in the semi-mountainous and mountainous areas.

Thunderstorms are expected in Cyclades, Crete and Dodecanese where the weather phenomena will be more intense.

Strong winds in the Aegean, 7-8 Beaufort.

Athens & Attica: cloudy, weak rainfalls, snow on Mt Parnitha in the outskirts of Athens on Friday. sunny, higher temperature on Saturday.

Over the weekend the weather is expected to improve.

On Monday, Clean Monday, the weather will deteriorate, gradually from North to the South. Weak rain- and snowfalls.



















A new bad weather front is expected to strike Greece as of Monday afternoon.

Greeks have a strong interest for fair weather over the weekend  due to the Carnival parades on Sunday and the traditional flying of kites on Monday.

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