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Erdogan attempts worldwide censorship on social media & blogs

The lawyers of Turkish President Recept Tayyip Erdogan sent a Turkish Court decision to Twitter and demanded that Greek Graphic designer @JoDiGraphics removes a graph of Erodgan he has created and uploaded on Twitter in October 2015!

“This morning, I received an e-mail from the legal section of Twitter,” JoDi wrote on his website on 19. February 2018. 

Attached to the e-mail was a decision issued by a court in Istanbul, which requires the deletion of publications by various users on various social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) that relate to Erdogan’s action. Twitter undertakes to inform and encourage (in some way) users to delete their own posts, as they say they will be asked to take action themselves (delete them themselves),” JoDi noted.

He added that the distributed graph was made on the occasion of the attack in Ankara in 2015 and he was referring to what Turks were shouting, that is “Murderer Erdogan”, and that “the graph described the situation in a fairly embossed way.”

This particular image was used as a poster by Kurds protesting the policies of  Erdogan at Syntagma Square half a year ago, the graph creator added.

The decision of the Turkish court refers to 80 posts related to Erdogan on social media (Twitter, Facebook) but also the names and the URLs of several blogs. the court demands the removal of pictures and caricatures critical to Erdogan’s policies and actions.

The court refers to @JoDiGraphics  graph ten times and includes re-posts of the graph and posting on several blogs.

On JoDi’s website one can see more caricatures the court demands to be removed as well as comments on this decision by many users worldwide.

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