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Furious senior spills gasoline in PPC office and staff after power cut due to debts

A senior in outrage poured gasoline in the offices and employees of Greek Public Power Corporation (PPC/DEH) and would have set everyone and everything alight hadn’t the police manage to take him under control just moments before the disaster would break out.

The 70-year-old pensioner went to the local branch of PPC in Kilkis, north Greece, on Wednesday morning asking explanations as to why the power supply was interrupted.

The PPC staff explained to him that this had happened due to outstanding bills and offered him to make arrangements to pay the debt in installments.

The man demanded immediate re-connection of the power supply and when he was told this was not possible without settlement and the re-connection procedures he left.

He returned with a 5-liter tank filled with gasoline. In a furious state of mind, he spilled the gasoline on the floor, on the desks and at the horrified employees and threatened to set everyone and everything on fire..

The notified police arrived quickly at the spot and took control of the man before he made his threat come true. The man resisted but police managed to handcuff him.

The Fire brigades had to intervene as well and remove the hazardous liquid.

The man was taken to police station, he will have to appear before the court.

The incident is the first its kind in Kilkis and a proof of the sometimes extreme conditions power cut in households takes place, notes local media


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