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Check your pension stamps in Greece with One Click on e-system ATLAS

Those who have worked in Greece and have paid social security contributions for pension, can now check with the new electronic platform of Greece’s e-government how many pension stamps they have collected.

The ATLAS application give this possibility to those insured at IKA (employees and part of self-employed), OAEE (self-employed), OGA (farmers) as well as ETAP-MME (media).

ATLAS is a modern integrated social security system that brings together Insurance History and Insurance Capability for all insured persons in Greece.

One needs the user name and password for TAXISNET as well as the personal social security number (AMKA) in order to be able to check his pension stamps with one click and without to have stand long queues at social security funds.

So far, ATLAS has integrated the time of insurance of all those who have paid contributions after 1.1.1994. It has incorporated data from IKA, OAEE, ETAA, and for OGA after 1998.

Approximately 70% of the insurance time has been incorporated for the two largest sectors of ETAP-MME. So far 2.8 billion insurance days have been fed to the system.

In the next period, more insurance information from ETAP-MME, Public Service, NAT (sailors) as well as OGA (1994-1997) will be integrated in the system.

Every insured person has the ability to see and print the documented insurance history.

Here is the link to ATLAS

There is also a Q&A section, in Greek.

As said above: all you need are: Taxisnet username and password (normally accountants have them)  plus the AMKA.

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