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Pharmacists’ Association warns of legal actions against every license obtained by non-pahrmacists

The Pan-Hellenic Pharmacists Association warns that it will appeal in courts against any license granted to non-pharmacists. The warning comes just hours after the Council of State ruled in favor of the full opening of the pharmacists’ profession that will allow investors to open pharmacies in Greece.

The pharmacists’ Association says it considers the CoS decision as “preliminary” as it has not directly control the compatibility of the relevant draft Presidential Decree with the Constitution. “It comes in stark contrast with the Constitution and the EU acquis,” the Association said.

It stressed that  after the adoption of the Presidential Decree it will apply for its annulment.

“It should be clear to everyone and in particular to the various ‘non-pharmacists’ investors that the PPA and the several pharmacists’ unions will challenge to the competent courts any license granted to non-pharmacists to establish a pharmacy business ,” the statement said.

PPA president, Kyriakos Theodosiadis, warned the ‘non-pharmacists’ that if they invest in the sector they will lose all their money.

It should be noted that the decision No 26/2018 of Council of State, Section E, makes specific reference to Greece’s commitments towards the creditors noting that the opening of the pharmacists’ profession is one of them.

The presidential Decree provides that the participation of a pharmacist is obligatory with 20% to a pharmacy business where the license has been obtained by a non-pharmacist.

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  1. Although I enjoy having my small pharmacy on the corner where I know the two people like family who go there, having individuals who are not pharmacists own pharmacies is not really a big deal. They do this in the USA and have probably some of the best pharmacies in the world, amazing pharmacies too (huge supermarket sytle pharmacies that also sell food, and other stuff). Rite Aid, Walgreens are two big chains where you can get your medications plus other great stuff. Maybe it’s time for a huge Greek chain like Minion (? still around) to open a chain of pharmacies, and start employing pharmacists who may not be making that much money anyways at their own pharmacies? I think it’s a great idea what Syriza is doing, and to be honest, they seem very pro-business lately?