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Public outcry forces PPC to reconnect power to lung-patient

It needed the media intervention for Greece’s Public Power Corporation to show a humane face. An exclusive report of local media Lamianow on Friday afternoon was reproduced by hundreds of local and national media, news websites and blogs and exposed the merciless power supply cut to a poor household thus putting at risk the life of a patient suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Many internet users on social media swore at the PPC describing it as “murderer.”

PPC officials showed ‘immediate reflexes” and gave the order for the direct re-connection of the power supply to the household even before down-payment of 150 euro was paid or a settlement for the 7,500 euros debt was arranged.

It only needed the decision by the Regional Director of the PPC and the power supply was restored in the small room of an old wood depot, the home of Konstantina and Nikos.

The power cut due to debts put the life of the 68-year-old man at risk as he is totally dependent on oxygen. Just hours after the supply cut, the man was transferred to hospital in critical condition, a condition between life and death.

“Konstantina and Nikos returned home,” Lamianow reported on Saturday. The power supply will continue until a solution is found and a debt settlement has been arranged.

A faceless organization needed the public outcry and a humane director to restore a what some would call “social injustice.” The couple has been living on a 313-euro welfare allowance per month.


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