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Police fires teargas at municipality workers protesting kindergartens legislation

Riot police fired teargas at protesting municipality workers outside the Greek Parliament in downtown Athens on Monday. The protester had been waiting for a meeting with politicians in charge of education and kindergartens. As this did not seem to take place, the protesters lost their patience and started to push riot policemen protecting the parliament.

The response of riot police was literally breathtaking. They fired tear gas at the impatient crowd.

Municipality workers of the union POE-OTa protest a new legislation by the Ministry of Education that makes it compulsory for children to attend kindergartens as of the age of 4.

The unions claim the new legislation will cut jobs, the Ministry claims exactly the opposite.

Municipalities Association (KEDE) says that their is shortage in personnel and space and proposes that there is a dialogue between the local authorities and the ministry.

The legislation will be voted today, Monday, at the Palriament.

Banner: No to downgrading of kindergartens

Some 500 protesters from several regions of Greece have come to Athens, they are reportedly still outside the parliament.

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  1. so let me see if i understand this.. the greek state, which for years now has only managed to turn everything it touches into a total clusterf**k , now wants to take 4 year old children, at the threat of violence at gunpoint (because thats what it means when the cops come to force you to give up your child) , and put them into their indoctrination centers, which have thus fas proven to be such a raging success with those age 6 and up.. have we all gone insane? why is it only some municipal unions resisting this, and not the whole population?
    even the turks only took children aged 8 and up for the paidomazwma!