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Hotels in Athens “evict” MPs due to increased touristic demand

Lawmakers and ministers from several Greek regions are at risk to be “evicted” as hotels in downtown Athens claim “increased touristic demand.” According to daily Estia, at least one hotel in the city center has notified the relevant department of the Greek state that the 36 MPs will have to leave the hotel as of May 1st 2018.

The hotel claims “renovation of the rooms” and “increased touristic demand” in summer. Furthermore the hotel asked the Technical and Economic Department to notify the MPs “so that they find alternative accommodation in due time.”

At risk of eviction are among others the Health Minister and the deputy Transport Minister and three MPs from main opposition New Democracy.

The amount the Greek Palriament gives as rental subsidy to lawmakers who do not have a residence in Athens is 1,000 euro per month. They can decide whether they accommodate in a hotel or in a private apartment.

MPs are reportedly concerned about this development stressing that the Airbnb service has skyrocketed rental prices and that the majority of the apartments near the Parliament are exclusively to have via the online platform. It makes almost impossible for them to rent an apartment in downtown and hoteliers show more and more unwilling to rent rooms to them, they say.

They have also said that they have often received hoteliers’ complains that 1,000 euro per month is not profitable as it lowers the average daily accommodation rate at 33 euro.

Ok, when an MP’s constituency is outside Athens and Attica, he needs to run a double household for at least four years.

On the other hand the same thing happens to teachers or military personnel who are often assigned to regions outside their residence home. And they do not receive 1,000 rental allowance per month.

Fact is that at least since last Friday, when the Antonopoulou scandal broke out,  the Greek society is angry at the MPs and the benefits they enjoy when compared to the economically drained citizens.

Furthermore, MPs do not need to live next to their workplace. They can seek accommodation in the suburbs and do it like thousands of average citizens who need to travel more than one hour ‘one way’ to reach the city center for a job of less than 500 euros.

This will be a once in a life time opportunity to get an idea who it is to be an average Greek in this country where some think they deserve more than the others.


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  1. I say just give it to them they should have anything they want, within reason of course. As long as they fix the effen country. If not, get someone else. A job that realistically should require you to think day and night about it. The solutions/decisions made cost or save lives and can be worth millions or billions in the long run.

  2. Our MPs pay for their lodhong put of their own pocket (so to speak) since their salary is good enough. It’s still taxpayers’ money but we don’t compensate them again for lodging and living expenses.