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“Cause of death was chocking,” says coroner about newborn in garbage bin

Shocking details emerge about death of the newborn found in a garbage bin on Monday after the coroner conducted an autopsy. The newborn “was chocked with a rope and the umbilical cord,” media report citing the coroner who has conducted the autopsy. Both the rope and the umbilical cord were found around the baby’s neck. It was most likely murdered half an hour after its birth.

The baby was delivered in time, it was neither premature or had any other health problems, the coroner found.

The body of the newborn was found by a trash picker in a garbage bin in Petroupolis, suburb of West Athens, Monday noon.

It was wrapped in a bed sheet with blood and then stuck in a plastic bag.

Eyewitnesses who rushed to the point told media that the baby had also paper napkins stuck in its mouth.

It was estimated that the body remained in the garbage bin for more than ten hours and it due to municipality workers’ work stoppage that the bin was not emptied as scheduled.

The time of the newborn’s death is estimated short before it was thrown in the garbage bin.

Footage from a security camera of a nearby shop has reportedly capture a man carrying a bag to the garbage bin late on Sunday night. the bag was similar to the one in which the baby was found.

Police investigation is focusing in the close and broader area, collecting information about a woman who was recently pregnant. Police also seeks information about the mother in private and public hospital and clinics, in obstetricians’ and gynecologists’ practices.

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