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Police investigates death cause and identity of young German in Rethymno

A 21-year-old man, a German national, died in a hospital in Rethymnon, Crete. He was found by a shepherd in the mountainous area between the villages of Platania and Fourfoura. The young man had suffered multiple injuries and despite the doctors’ efforts he passed away Thursday noon (March 1). Police is seeking friends or relatives to identify the young man.

According to local media, the shepherd had found the bleeding body of the German laying on the ground. He called an ambulance. The man was transferred first to the health center of Agia Fotini where doctors advised further transfer to the hospital in the city of Rethymnon due to the severe injuries.

He suffered two heart attacks, one while in the ambulance, one while he was being transferred to surgery. For one hour doctors tried to save the man’s life but in vain.

Speaking to on Friday, the coroner said first examining the body did not show any signs of criminal action like fight or strangulation or any other sign that would lead to crime. “One has to take into consideration hypothermia due to the high altitude the man was found,” the coroner added. An autopsy will determine the real causes of death.

It is suggested that the man had an accident and fell during a hiking tour on the mountains.

Authorities seem to have very little data about the man’s identity. According to, in the very few moments the man regained consciousness in the hospital he said was from Germany and he was living in Rethymno.

Police investigates the caused of the fatal injuries and trying to find also the man’s accomodation place.

So far, nobody has reported the young German as missing, local media report Friday afternoon.

It is not clear whether he was a tourist or an expat.

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