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New Democracy MP in racist rant: “I forbid gypsies to vote for me”

Unprecedented racist rant by conservative New Democracy lawmaker. “I forbid gypsies to vote for me,” MP Thnassis Davakis said during a speech in a school in Sparta. He was  addressing local residents at an information meeting on “Reaction, Prevention and Dealing with Delinquency among otherσ by Roma,” sponsored by the Municipality of Sparta in Peloponnese.

“I plea and forbid any gypsy and the rest of them to vote for me, whatever the political cost,” Davakis said among others, using pejorative description of Roma “γύφτοι”. “Whoever from this social group votes for me, I won’t recognize him.”

“I am sorry to say that, I am sorry for the little children born to these people without being asked and [sorry] for the situation they find themselves.”

Stressing he does not care about the political cost, of losing votes due to his statements.

“I forbid any of them, the gypsies, and if you know any of them voting for me, tell him to not vote of me again. They should not vote for me,” the 55-year-old politician said in a racist delirium.

Note that he has served as Deputy Defense Minister in ND-PASOK-DIMAR government under Antonis Samaras. from June 2013 to June 2014.

However, it should be also noted that the ND MP knew very well the mind-set of the public he was addressing. The meeting was organized on the occasion of an incident where allegedly Roma had beaten and robbed women in their home in the area. It was a “protest meeting,” local reports, in the presence of  representatives of many local clubs and organizations like the local council, farmers cooperative, women’s club and the club of Youth for Progress.

In another report, the local website writes that theft and violence by Roma has reached an unprecedented peak in the area and residents threaten the take the law in their hands.

Davakis may have lost the “gypsies’ votes” but he certainly gained the locals’ votes in Palaiopanagia area.

UPDATE: as expected an outrage broke out, apparently New Democracy was very disturbed about the racist statements, early Saturday evening Davakis issued a statement saying he was sorry and that these statements “do not express his point of views.”

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  1. Hecataeus Miletus

    Even Trump who some say is a racist, is happy to be a a friend to any voter who votes for him. He is only predjudiced to people (of all persuasions) who DON”T vote for him.

  2. An amazing comment of a lawmaker that doesn’t understand the meaning of justice.