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Sahara dust covers Crete, creates surreal scenery and suffocating atmosphere (pictures)

From East to the West and from South to the North, thick clouds of dust have covered the island of Crete creating a surreal scenery and a suffocating atmosphere. The dust comes from the Sahara desert in Africa and its concentration on the surface is especially high.

Read latest Mar 22/2018 : Unprecedented Sahara Dust invasion in Crete (pcts,vd)

Meteorologists have forecast the upcoming dust clouds which are considered as harming due to the high concentration of inhalable pollution particles above PM10 (Particulate Matter).

According to National Meteorology Service, the concentration of particles are expected to surpass the average daily of 50 mg/m3.

In Chania the particles concentration has reached 370 mg/m3

Dust covering Crete

Agios Nikolaos

Crete in Sahara dust

Greek health authorities have issued relevant warnings especially for the vulnerable groups of the society like children and seniors suffering from respiratory problems, asthma and heart issues. Seniors over 65 are advised to limit body exercise outdoors.

Media report that locals in Herakleio woke up Sunday morning surrounded by dust…

Μeteorologists expect the phenomenon to shows some improvement as of  Wednesday, March 7th 2018.

meteo – maps.


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  1. The dust is mostly gone from Agios Nikolaos this morning, but the southerly winds are stronger today.