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Majority of Greeks want “catharsis” in Novartis scandal, change in ministers’ responsibility law

The Novartis scandal brought changes in Greece’s political balances, as the majority of Greeks appear to demand full “catharsis” in Novartis case and changes in the law on ministers’ responsibility.

According to a survey conducted by Pulse for the Sunday newspaper “Dimokratia”

78% of respondents want cleansing

73% want change of the law for ministers’ responsibility.

The poll conducted after the Parliament debate about establishing an investigation committee shows also that the gap between the major opposition party, conservative New Democracy, and governing left-wing SYRIZA has significantly decreased, for the first time after 1.5-2 years.

ND remains in the lead with 28.9% followed by SYRIZA with 20%. Last January, at the peak of the Macedonian protests that rates were 295 for ND and 19% for SYRIZA.

With 8.5% PASOK/POTAMI alliance occupies the third position together with Golden Dawn.

Last week, political parties appointed their representatives in the parliamentary investigation committee. The first session of the preliminary examination committee is scheduled to take place today, Monday. notes that “the special committee on Novartis will have the same powers as a public prosecutor when conducting a preliminary examination and will have the authority to assign either an appeals court or first-instance court public prosecutor to carry out special acts relevant to the case being investigated by the committee.”

The committee investigates allegations by “protected witnesses” that two former prime ministers and eight ministers form New Democracy and PASOK received bribes by the Swiss drugmaker in the years 2009-2015.


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