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Confused commuters: Athens Metro barriers closed but temporarily opened on next day

The barriers of the Athens Metro at <Syntagma> station closed as of Sunday, March 4th, but remained partially open as of the next day. A complicated system of barriers going on and off  and lacks of adequate campaign to inform commuters about the changes have created for one more time an incredible confusion.

At Syntagma station, the barriers will be open in off-peaks times between 06:00-10:00 a.m. and  03:00-07:00 p.m. on the dates March 5-10 and March 12-14h 2018.

Barriers in other stations will close as of March 11th.

All barriers at all Metro and Urban train ISAP stations will be closed as of March 15th. Barriers for disabled will be open until that same date.

The barriers will not allow commuters without electronic ticket or card to reach the metro platforms. But they will also not be able to exit the metro and ISAP stations without a valid ticket.

The barriers system aims to combat ticket dodging but if the Transport ministry has not provided enough ticket selling points in areas where only buses operate, ticket dodging is inevitable.

According to the new system, e-ticket holders will have to ‘validate’ their tickets at every new public transport means they use. For example: Bus + Metro + Bus or Metro + ISAP + Bus.

The single e-ticket has a duration of 90 minutes. If one passenger enters a metro or ISAP station within the tickets time limit but the ticket has expired at the exit, the barrier will not open.

If he calls the Metro staff to open the barrier he most probably will have to pay a fine for using the public transport means without a ticket.

Is it fair? No, it is not, especially when a system goes into effect but it is still on experimental level.

A man told a TV broadcaster on Sunday that with his ticket card he validated two tickets for him and his wife but at the exit, the barrier would accept only the one ticket. “I got out, but my wife is still inside the station,” the man said.

Hoping that the poor woman managed somehow to exit the Metro station, we wish the Ministry of Trouble good luck with its efforts to enforce a defect system.


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One comment

  1. The one thing you can be sure of is that the greek state does not and will not listen to any arguments of reason about this or any other of its brilliant ‘productions’.. instead whatever irrational BS some minister, vice minister, spokesman, department director or some other paper-pusher, comes up with to silence any dissenting voice, will be the new policy regarding whatever issue comes up. It will be the same here. This electornic ticket system is garbage, but
    the answer from the bureacrats? either you’re a loon for not loving it, or youre a scammer riding for free and we will fine you, and if you disagree , tough s@@t. that’s what you can expect from these people, it’s how they deal with citizens in every other case. they say the people are crazy or ignorant, or else they slap them with fines.