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Erdogan’s top adviser: “We will strike” in Cyprus EEZ and Greece’s Imia

Erdogan’s top adviser, Yigit Bulut, hit one more time with direct threats against Cyprus and Greece and said Turkey will “strike in the Mediterranean Sea should hydrocarbon drills take place without Ankara’s approval.” In an interview with state broadcaster TRT, Bulut said on Sunday, that Turkey is ready for a strike at any “attempt of provocation.”

“Have no doubt about it,” Bulut warned reiterating Ankara’s position to not allow any gas and oil exploration in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus.

Advisor’s threats come just days after Turkish warships openly threatened to sink a drill ship commissioned by Italy’s ENI that was about to reach Block 3 in Cyprus EEZ.

On Monday, war-hungry Bulut threatened again Greece over the islets of Imia.

“Test our determination. We challenge Greece to dare a foot on Imia. If this happens, we will defend them to the death from the moment Erdogan will give the order,” to strike.

Bulut’s threats to Greece come on the day a Turkish court is to decide on the two Greek soldiers arrested last week for “illegally entering Turkey.”

PS Rumors Erdogan’s adviser is under psychological treatment do not confirm for the time being….

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  1. Why does this feel like 1930s Germany all of a sudden? An megalomaniac who believes he is invincible because he hasn’t been effectively challenged by anyone for 15 years. Hence he gets more and more aggressive, more and more hostile, until suddenly a war breaks out and foolish people wonder what happened.