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Greece’s anti-terror police detains 6 members of far-right group

Greece’s anti-terrorism police has launched a big operation in Athens and in one city in the province.  The operation started in the early morning hours of Tuesday and is on developing. Six people have been detained so far, they are reportedly members of a far-right organization.

According to media information, the far-right organization is believed to to responsible for at least  15 attacks using also explosives. Members of the same group seem to have attacked anarchists’ hangouts and occupied buildings as well as the so-called social center “Favela” in Piraeus end of February.

  • On February 25th, a group armed with batons, iron bars and flares raided the Favela center and attacked everyone inside. One of the lawyers of Fyssas family was suffered serious injuries on the head. 33-year-old leftist musician Pavlos Fyssas was stabbed to death by a Golden Dawn member in September 2013.

The far-right group has reportedly used molotov cocktail bombs, gaskets and explosive devices while conducting several attacks. According to state ERT TV, the group has conducted more than 30 attacks in Athens and Thessaloniki in the last two years.

During police raids in at least five homes, explosives and leaflets have been found.

Among the detainees, there is also a person suspected of having participated in the Favela-attack, resulting in the serious injury of a lawyer participating in the Golden Dawn trial.

Five out of the six detainees aged 23-35 are expected to be arrested.

They are facing charges for creating a criminal organization, possessing explosives and causing an explosion.

Greece’s anti-terror police has reportedly arrested far-right members also one and a half months ago.

The name of the far-right group has not been revealed so far.

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