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Audits on tax evaders lists brought to Greece little over 100million euros

Revenues for the Greek state from the so-called tax evaders’ lists of Lagarde and Borjens did not turned out as high as expected. According to official data submitted to Parliament by the General Secretariat of Public Revenues, controls on both lists with the names of Greeks with bank accounts in Swiss banks ended in:

Lagarde List:

701 cases were investigated, audit was completed in 445 cases. The amounts initially confirmed as owned to the state was  € 323,060,126.23. The amounts collected by tax authorities was €44,622,731.89.

Borjans List:

 333 cases were scrutinized, 135 cases were concluded. Initial amount to be paid was €, 115,318,651.96. Amount collected by tax authorities was €16,895,210.18

In the category of “money transfer”, a total of 2,400 cases were investigated, control over 1,354 cases has been completed. Initial amount to be paid was €480,657,380.49, real amount collect was €45,788,234.18.

Altogether for the two lists and the money transfer:

cases investigated: 3,433 cases

cases concluded: 1,934 cases

Amount of taxes to be paid: €919,036,158.68

Amount of taxes collected: €107,306,176.25

The question to the Palriament was posed by To Potami MP, Giorgos Amyras, who was asking information about the audits on large-scale tax evaders, those named on Lagarde List and the Borjans List as well as the issue of  “limitation statute” for case investigation for the time period 2006-2011.

The GSPR said that the audit on cases under limitation statute completed on 31. Dec. 2017 and that audits in other cases continues.


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