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Police Union files lawsuit for the injury of 6 policemen during auction protests

The Union of Police officers in Thessaloniki filed a lawsuit against everyone responsible for the injury of six policemen suffered during the brawl with auctions protesters on Wednesday.

chairman of the Thessaloniki Police Staff Association said yesterday there were many omissions that led to the injury of six police officers.

The head of the Union of Police Officers of Thessaloniki has filed a report against any person responsible for yesterday’s episodes outside a city-center notary office during which protesters and police officers colluded (see here).

The chairman of the Union of Police Officers of Thessaloniki, Theodoros Tsiridis, said a statement outside the local court where he filed the lawsuit that there were many omissions during the operation on Wednesday and these omissions led to the injury of six police officers.

“While the crowd against the police forces was increasing, no arrests were made,” the chairman noted.

He called on justice authorities to investigate whether the police forces operated in a way  they should and the identity of those who injured the policemen.

“We saw protesters throwing down a policeman, kicking and beating him. they have stolen shields and batons,” Tsiridis said.

According to the union, high-ranking officers ought to have given orders for protesters’ arrests. “Those attacking police are known from other similar incidents,” the union said stressing that there is video footage showing at least some of the attackers.

The union implied that such protesters are protected form arrest due to affiliation with the government.

Earlier on Thursday some 20 policemen launched a protest outside the headquarters of Greek Police in Thessaloniki.

From the very beginning the government decided to deploy riot police to protect notaries from the anti-auctions movement, the police officers raised their objections.

Wednesday afternoon, the Greek Police has ordered a internal investigation into the incidents in Athens and Thessaloniki where protesters and policemen were injured.

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  1. That is what police are paid for, to risk their lives, get injured and sometimes killed. Don’t want the risk, don’t join the force. As far as protecting the people, that’s history. They haven’t been working on behalf of the people for at least 50 years anywhere in the world.