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Turkish nationalists protest outside Greek embassy in Ankara (video)

With provocative and threatening slogans and banners, a group of Turkish nationalists launched a protest outside the Greek embassy in Ankara on Wednesday evening. The protest was staged by an organization called “Morality Foundation for Art and Science.”

One of the banners was reading: “We will throw the Greeks again into the sea”, a slogan used by the Neo-Turks of Kemal Ataturk during the war of 1922.

The crowd said they were protesting the burning of the Turkish flag by Greek far-right Golden Dawn in Athens on Sunday.

In a speech, foundation leader Mustafa Gunes called on Greece to arrest and persecute those who burned the Turkish flag.

“We want to make it known to the world that we, as young Turks, will give the toughest response, if necessary, against racist and fascist approaches aimed at the Turkish Republic. We will do everything we can to prove that we will even give our lives to protect and maintain our flag that our dead heroes have held with their blood. We declare that we will rouse the people if necessary,” he said in a statement.

Protesters were holding a Greek flag. Turkish media wrote that they left the folded Greek flag outside the embassy, but diplomatic sources dismissed such reports.

Police hindered protesters from coming dangerously close to the Greek embassy.

Because nationalists protests in Turkey never take place without the blessing from above, it should be reminded that the protest took place just hours after the Turkish Foreign Ministry called on Greece to arrest and try those who burned the Turkish flag.

At the end of the day, Erdogan’s Neo-Ottomans and Kemalists (?) Neo-Turks are united in their nationalistic paranoia to see enemies everywhere.

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  1. Pots, kettles…

    Turkish flagburning fail (they wanted to burn the Dutch flag instead of the French flag… and failed)

    Turks burning Armenian flag:

    Turks burning more flags:

    Dunno… Crying about flag burnings…
    It’s terrible…

    As far as I know, it is usually illegal to burn the flag of the country you live in (2 years in jail in Greece, if you burn the Greek National Flag).
    You can’t even let a flag touch the ground (it needs to be burned and replaced, when talking about official flag presentations)

    Sorry if linking to other articles/pictures is not allowed…

  2. Greeks should be burning the EU flag, the one who really represents their worst enemy.