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Belgium company exported “rotten meat” to South-East Europe

Scandal over rotten meat in Belgium. Authorities found traces of “waste meat” in products destined for markets in southeastern Europe and have closed a major meat processing plant in the country, and supermarkets have taken meat products off their shelves in a scandal over rotten meat.

The company, Veviba, saw its licence revoked by the federal government, after spot checks revealed a potential health risk in two products: minced beef and oxtail.

Officials found traces of so-called meat waste, pieces of the carcass, intended for animal feed which are prohibited for human consumption.

Meanwhile, a Viveba employee spoke to Belgian public broadcaster and explained how he manipulated labels on meat products.

In the end, that prolonged the meat for a year.

The meat in question was then exported to southeastern Europe, and not to the home market.

But the fallout of the scandal continues in Belgium, where the public health committee of the federal parliament debated the issue for the first time.

The scandal broke after a Veviba customer in Kosovo that had been sent a container of rotten meat reported Veviba to the judicial authorities in 2016.
The Belgian Federal Food Safety Agency was informed by it Kosovan counterpart and inspections were carried out. An employ of Veviba admitted to have exported rotten meat in all South-East Europe and Africa, but he accepted to speak only on Kosovo’s case.  He said that it was Kosovo authorities which have discovered the rotten meat from Belgium in 2016 and have informed relevant authorities.
The protected witness code named ‘Bruno’ told Belgium TV RTBF that “A country has discovered the fraud with the rotten meat and an investigation has been launched here (Belgium).” In his interview he said that the meat was harmful and was banned for consumption.
Kosovo Food and Veterinary Agency told Gazeta Express that in 2016 in Kosovo were destroyed 20 thousand kilograms of rotten meat, imported by Belgium food processing company Veviba. Spokesperson of the Agency, Lamir Thaqi, said that after the case was discovered by Kosovo authorities they have banned the company from exporting meat to Kosovo.

As Veviba was exporting the rotten meat also to other South-East European countries, how comes that the national Food and Veterinary Authorities did not discover the rotten meat?

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  1. This meat can’t be any more rotten than the political and economic policies that Brussels has been implementing and exporting for the last few years.

  2. Typical of Belgium. They also covered up their various mad cow disease outbreaks. Greek corruption is amateur compared to Belgian, EU and German corruption!