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Mayor offers salary as reward for info leading to strays poisoner

Mayor of Stylida, former actor, Apostolos Gletsos, said he will give his salary as award for any information that will lead to the perpetrator who poisoned dogs and possibly other animals in the area.

At least four healthy stray dogs found a horrible death in Marini area when unknown perpetrators threw baits soaked with poison. The coward murdering of the dogs took place yesterday, Friday.

The vice president of the Animal Welfare society of Fthiotitha, Aggela Bartzoka, said the impact of such poisoning act can be seen still in the days to come and called on the prosecutor to intervene.

Speaking to Epsilon TV, mayor Gletsos promised to give one month salary to any information leading to the perpetrator. Stressing that he would accept information given even anonymously, the mayor said he knew who was behind the murder of the stray dogs, he only needed solid evidence in order to bring this person to justice.

“You can’t call yourself a human, how can they sleep at night, how can they hug their children and grand-children?” Gletsos said.

Following the Animal Welfare demand, the Municipality of Stylida condemned the poisoning in an official statement.

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  1. this man has a huge heart i love him hope they catch the killers bastards

  2. Bravo Apostoli ! , this island seems to be an island of poisoners . I just hope and pray that a small child never picks up the bait .Our vet says the poison of choice out there seems to be paraquat , its banned but people probably have stockpiled the stuff .There is no known antidote…….