Friday , May 24 2019
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“Cretan Liberation Movement” threatens MP over Macedonia name

After the Pan-Macedonian organizations also the Cretan “Liberation Movement” came out of its deep hole and sent a threat letter to a member of the Greek Palriament over the Macedonia dispute. MP from center-left To Potami, Spyros Dannelis, revealed that the received an e-mail with threatening content.

We warn you that if by any vote you give up the name of Macedonia, you will be enemies of the Greek people and solely responsible for any consequences that will arise…. It is imperative that you stop,” the so-called Pah-Hellenic Liberation Movement of Cretans wrote in the e-mail.

“After a certain point, the ridiculous becomes dangerous, Danellis stressed revealing the e-mail content and called on prosecuting authorities to intervene.


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