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Don’t miss Equinox, the first day of Spring on March 20

Vernal Equinox marks the first day of Spring. It is the moment when the sun crosses the celestial equator, day and night are nearly equal in length. Today, 20th March, the vernal equinox occurs in in the northern hemisphere.

The crucial moment is reportedly to occur at 4:15 p.m. Greek local time; although some media report it will occur two hours later.

No matter when exactly the Spring Equinox 2018 is taking place on March 20th, spring has already started in Greece due to mild temperatures in recent weeks.

Especially the succulents are in full blooming these days.

Worth mentioning the wonderful flowers of French lavender

French lavender

Anyway, for most people, the equinox simply heralds a changing of the seasons. In March, the vernal equinox signals the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn in the south, and the reverse happens during the September equinox.

But what is more important is to enjoy the sun and get rid of everything negative.

Happy Equinox Day, then!

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