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Young German hiker who died in Crete identified after 21 days

Twenty one days after a young German tourist died on the mountain of Psiloritis by Rethymnon, authorities could finally identify the young man. The body of the 21-year-old has been in the morgue of the hospital of Rethymnon since March 2nd.

On March 15, a fire fighter hiking at altitude of 1,900 m on the mountain, he spotted the back-bag of the young man.

He found in the bag the man’s passport and a health card, 1,500 euro in cash and a jar of honey, among others.

As he was part of the investigating team, when the severely injured tourist was found by a shepherd, it was clear that the back-bag belonged to the young man.

Authorities immediately informed the German consul in Chania who forwarded the information to Berlin.

It was only a week later when the man’s parents contacted German police and authorities that their son was missing.

Greek police was not able to locate the man’s accommodation in Rethymno and surrounding area suggesting that he had probably made a booking via an online platform and for long time. Therefore nobody seemed to missing him.

His body is expected to be transferred to Germany.

He was found severely injured and died in the hospital after suffering a second heart attack.

His name was Franz.

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