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Golden Dawn MP rants in Parliament, now party expulsion under consideration

Greek parliament will consider expelling Golden Dawn temporarily from its debates, Palriament Speaker, Nikos Voutsis, said on Thursday, after a party MP went on a rant attacking SYRIZA MPs as “traitors”, during a speech in the plenum.

Golden Dawn MP Yiannis Lagos, who was speaking about a letter sent by Pan-Macedonian Unions to Greek deputies, started shouting at SYRIZA lawmakers, calling them “swindlers”, “anti-Greek” and “traitors”.

“This hatred, with references to ‘traitors’ and ‘gallows’, shows a strategy aiming at causing tension. To weaken this strategy we must not just marginalize it and exclude it, it should be denounced with a strong voice from the entire political system. Without tactics and false analogies,” Voutsis said after the incident.

Voutsis said Lagos will be referred to the parliament’s ethics committee and then the body will discuss on Golden Dawn’s presence in the plenum. 

Pan-Macedonian organizations from Greece and abroad have send a letter to all 300 Greek lawmakers threatening them with death “if they accept the term Macedonia in the new name of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

Beginning of the week, a censure motion brought against the leader of  GD Nikos Michaloliakos and MPs Ilias Kasidiaris and Panagiotis Iliopoulos was approved in Parliamen.

The censure motion was recommended by Parliament President Nikos Voutsis for unparliamentary conduct. They had verbally attacked the four Greek Muslim deputies.

Michaloliakos and the two MPs had been summoned before the parliamentary ethics committee a week earlier in relation to their abusive verbal attacks targeting minority MPs in parliament, but none of the three attended. It was the first time that a political party leader is summoned to appear before the Greek parliament’s ethics committee.

According to the Parliament rules, the censure motion also includes a 25% withholding of the MPs monthly salary.

Voutsis and parliamentary representatives of other parties condemned the Golden Dawn’s deputies for promoting hate and bigotry., and expressed support for the four Greek Muslim deputies.

Ever since they came to power in 2012, GD MPs often use the live transmissions of Parliamentary sessions to promote their party by swearing and creating havoc in the parliament.

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