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FinMin Tsakalotos: 73 Taxpayers owe more than 30 billion euros

Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos revealed  that 73 taxpayers numbers owe more than 30 billion euros. In a press conference on Friday, the Greek finance minister said that the majority of debtors to the state “owe 10 euros but 73 taxpayers number owe more than 30 billion. He did not revealed whether these tax office accounts belonged to businessmen, corporations or natural persons.

“The main problem in Greece is how many do indeed pay taxes. As long as the tax-free basis is broadened and we deal with tax evasion, the more space we create for a debt relief.

He said that the government plans tax reductions total worth 3.5 billion euros but did not revealed when these measures will or can be implemented.

How much money can the state retrieve from the 32 billion? Not much. Hundreds of thousands are small debtors owing an average of 1.75 euros, while those big debtors who owe €32 billion due to taxes, fines and surcharges are so-called “dead sharks” who have gone bankrupt or have managed to hide well their assets. As for the first group, the debts are so small that it is not worth for the tax office to invest time and resources to chase them.

Consequently, the revenues mechanisms focus their efforts on small and medium sized debtors who owe between 500 and 20,000 euros.

Based on data from the Public Revenues Authority stand 1. Jan 2018:

525,000 taxpayers owe an average of  €1.73  due delayed payment like missing a tax deadline. 860,000 tax payers have an average debt of €12.42.

337,729 taxpayers owe €10-€50, an average debt of €29.04.

73  taxpayers -according to their tax registration number AFM – owe more than €32 billion or
32% of the total debts of individuals to the State. These AFM numbers belong to natural persons or businesses. These big debtor appear to have no personal assets and there is nothing the state can confiscate. “They have led their business to bankruptcy according to the usual Greek practice,” writes economic news website
that also provides all the Public Revenue data.

Columns: debt amount – number of taxpayers – total debt – average debt

The total debt of Greeks to the state is estimated at 100 billion euros.
The state can seize  the debt from bank account when the amount is up to 30 euros.

From 500 euros onward, the state can seize the debt form bank accounts, seize properties and other assets.

The total debt of Greeks to the state is estimated at 100 billion euros – on the papers.

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  1. Yup, seems par for the course. They know exactly whose these are, but absolutely nobody lifts a finger – instead like the article says, the focus is on expropriating every last drop of blood from ordinary people.

  2. So simple: revoke their citizenship and confiscate all property and bank accounts until they pay. That is IF the government has the courage!