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Turkey’s official position on EU Council Conclusions “forgets” the Greek soldiers

It took Ankara several hours to issue its official position about the European Council Conclusions condemning Turkey’s illegal actions in the East Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Here is the full statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

We regret the wording of yesterday’s European Council Conclusions on Turkey condemning Turkey’s “illegal actions” in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea and underlining “full solidarity” with “Cyprus” and Greece.

Such wordings solely based on the Greek Cypriot and Greek claims are unacceptable and create an opportunity for some other countries to hide behind them as well.

The EU’s expression of unconditional solidarity to a country based solely on membership status regardless of the legitimacy of the country’s position shows the EU’s incapacity to remain objective in the Cyprus issue. As long as this stance continues, it will not be possible to accept the EU even as merely a third party in the Cyprus issue.

We find it peculiar that our NATO allies within the EU support the actions of the Greek Cypriot Administration that do not comply with the international law. At the same time, they adopt a discourse that is far away from showing any solidarity with Turkey, a country devotedly fighting against various terrorist entities that also constitute a threat to the EU.

Turkey is working to create a positive agenda in its relations with the EU. Adopting such conclusions with the pressure of some member countries will not contribute to the improvement of our cooperation.

Interesting enough, the Foreign Ministry does not comment to the Council’s “grave concern over the continued detention of EU citizens in Turkey, including two Greek soldiers, and calls for the swift and positive resolution of these issues in a dialogue with Member States,” as the Conclusions text characteristically emphasizes.

Also interesting that the Ministry has not much to say about Greece and the absurd Ankara claims in the Aegean Sea.

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