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Sahara Dust puts the Acropolis and the Lycabettus Hill out of sight

The emblematic monument of Acropolis disappeared on Monday morning when thick Sahara dust covered Athens. Also the Church on the Lycabettus Hill, the second highest point in the Greek capital, had disappeared as billions of sand particles attacked Athens.

Athens seen from the mountain of Hymetus in East Attica Prefecture.

Towards noon, people nearby could confirm that the Acropolis was still standing there…

The phenomenon of Sahara dust has been striking Greece since last week with short intervals of clearness as the South Winds changes into North and West winds.

According to experts, the phenomenon is usual in March and April. As the dust is not toxic, experts reassure that it is not harming to human health.

However, the billions of dust particles can harm people with allergies and respiratory problems, and authorities warn people with such problems to stay indoors.

More than 25 people went to hospitals when an unprecedented Sahara dust invasion hit the island of Crete last week.

Meteorologists forecast, the phenomenon is expected to clear as of Tuesday afternoon, March 27th 2018.


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