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Prosecutor appeals court decision to acquit Bishop Amvrosios of homophobic rant

A prosecutor of the misdemeanors court in Aigio, western Greece, has appealed an earlier court decision to acquit bishop Amvrosios, on the charge of inciting hatred against homosexuals. The controversial bishop of Kalavryta most likely will find himself back to the court room.

That decision had cleared Amvrosios of violating the anti-discrimination law regarding the incitement of hatred, sparking indignation among rights groups and political parties in Greece.

The local court decision to acquit Metropolit of Aigialia and Kalavryta Amvrosios of hate speech on March 16, opened the Pandoras’s box with some media to describe the decision as “shame” and many Greeks in social media to speak of “impunity” and a “parody” of a trial.

Apparently sure that the court in his area of influence would acquit him, Amvrosios not only did not regret his homophobic rant he also dared saying  “if I had I gun and the law would allow me I would use it against them.”

The case referred to an online post by Amvrosios in 2015, while Parliament debated the legal status of same-sex unions. “Do not go near them! Do not listen to them! Do not trust them! They are the damned members of society!” he said in a rant which also described homosexuals as “monstrosities of nature.” He urged the faithful to “spit on them,” wherever they see them.

Upon hearing the appeal decision, Amvrosios claimed his right to deliver hate speeches and posted on his blog “Freedom of speech is only for SYRIZA members, homosexuals and anarchists!”

When the Minister of Justice asked for the minutes of the trial on March 16th, Amvrosios claimed the minister has no right whatsoever to check the trail procedure and threatened to appeal to the European court of Human Rights.

Like every citizen, Bishop Anvrosios can go to any court and claim his freedoms are been violated. The only problem is that the ‘freedoms’ of a high-ranking clergyman are threatening certain groups of the society.

the whole issue could be surreal if it wasn’t really …real.

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