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Soldiers claim dog abuse was an “unfortunate incident”, seeking “understanding”

The two young soldiers who threw a stray dog over a cliff dared to issue a joint statement in which they call the brutal abuse as “unfortunate incident.” In a joint statement sent to websites and, local media in Thesprotia region of Epirus in West Greece they apologize claiming the incident was “unacceptable to their principles.”

The joint statement:

Regarding the incident that took place in Konitsa in the past and related to the dog appearing on the internet, we state that this is a purely unfortunate incident and we had no intention of abusing the above animal, which received our constant care and with which we had become accustomed on the basis of our daily care.

We believe that the above incident is unacceptable to our principles, and, by exercising our self-criticism, we declare publicly our sincere remorse, asking everybody for peer judgment and understanding.

Nikolaos Tzounas

Georgios Haritos

via paramythiaonline, thespro

Media report on Monday, that the military prosecutor is investigating against the two abusers and the man who filmed the abuse as they were conscripts when the dog abuse took place in the military camp of Konista, Epirus in October 2017.

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The incident has triggered an outrage with hundreds of people to have turned to the Greek Armed forces and Greek Police demanding the exemplary punishment of the soldiers.

Citing a military officer, Skai TV reported that animal abuse in the country’s military camps is a “scourge.” The abuse does not affect only dogs but also snakes, the officer said speaking on conditions of anonymity.

Many strays seek military camps where they can find food.

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  1. michele lavender

    I have heard of soldiers putting petrol into the rectums of dogs,I think we should do the same to the soldiers,see if they like it,better parenting required,teach greek children to be human beings.Perhaps impossible,just an unfortunate happening,ho ho

  2. they should be charged they knew what they we,re doing cruel scum laughing and jeering if they get away with it i,ll be bloody fuming where,s the justice its animal cruelty full stop the end

  3. costa sakellariou

    it’s a ‘paramythi’ * for sure…they should be prosecuted and sent to prison…

    *fairy tale – since they made their statement on ‘’!

  4. So sad that we live in an age when you can just state you had no intention of abusing an animal even when you are caught on film abusing an animal. Laughing and joking while they throw a terrified dog over a cliff. These men are cowards as is the person filming it who does nothing to stop it.

    Nikolaos Tzounas and Georgios Haritos are a disgrace to the human race.