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Kammenos reiterates opposition to use of “Macedonia” and its derivatives by FYROM

Defense Minister and Independent Greeks (ANEL) leader, Panos Kammenos, reiterated his opposition to the use of the term “Macedonia” and any derivative in the name agreed for FYROM.

In an interview with private ANT1 TV on Tuesday, Kammenos pointed out that in order to change FYROM’s constitution, elections must be held and he estimated that this is not possible.

He added “if something like that takes place in FYROM and even if Greece’s opposition supports term Macedonia or its derivative, ANEL will again be against it.”

He suggested that FYROM name issue “will not be brought to [Greek] Parliament neither before nor after the elections.”

Asked if he risks to birng down the coalition government because of the Macedonia issue, Kammenos said “SYRIZA-ANEL government came together with the aim to take the country out of the bailout agreements, the supervision and the prevention of concession of the national sovereignty to lenders and purification.”

He added “there has to be a decision by the prime minister and me” to dissolve the coalition.

He expressed cautious optimism regarding the return of the two Greek soldiers held in Turkey to Greece by Easter, following the intervention of EU officials in Varna.

“The Greek soldiers are at the same time also EU and NATO soldiers,” Kammenos underlined

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