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Thessaloniki: After the water problem, power cuts up to 7 hours

Slowly but gradually water supply was restored in Thessaloniki on Saturday evening allowing thousands of people to enjoy a shower under running tap water for the first time after Tuesday. The water was back in the network sometime in early afternoon. However, it was cut again as it was very blur and possible unsafe for consumption.

By 7 0′ clock in the evening,  clear and safe water had returned and the torture ended.

But the problem do not seem to be over. Local media reported on Sunday morning that households that enjoyed water supply on Saturday evening may see the water flow decreasing again. In some areas, the water supply has not been fully restored so far.

The Water company of Thessaloniki EYATH has urged residents to be patient.

Meanwhile, the public prosecutor in Thessaloniki has ordered urgent investigation about the water problem that turned the one-million-inhabitants Thessaloniki “into a third-world city.” Seeking responsibilities, the investigation is to address two issues:

  1. if there has been a risk for people, especially after school closures for fear of infection, and if there is a risk of infection in the population.
  2. audit into the EYATH economic data in order to find out whether funds have been spent for the maintenance of the infrastructure and the network.

The problem arose last Tuesday when one of the two main water pipelines suffered cracks.

Yet, the problems in Greece’s second largest city do not end. Large parts of the city will be without electricity on Sunday. The power cut is scheduled to last 3 to 7 hours.

The Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator has announced power cuts in several areas of Municipality of Thessaloniki  10:30 am – 01:00 p.m and of Thermaikos (Epanomi) 08:00am-02:00 pm.

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