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New customs? Tourists bring their own food to restaurant in Crete

New customs?…. Tourists walked into a restaurant on an island bringing their own food. When the waitress approached them, they ordered just water!

According to local media, a group of tourists walked into a restaurant in Agios Nikolaos on the island of Crete on Tuesday. They sat at a table, unpacked the food they had brought from the hotel where they stayed and started to enjoy their meal.

When the waitress approached them to take an order, they ordered just water.

“When the tourist season kicks off and the first visitors are in town, then such pictures bring you back to reality about the tourists’ quality,” local notes adding “We hope this incident is just an unfortunate exception.”

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  1. These idiots should have been kicked out of the restaurant. Culturally ignorant cheapskates.

  2. This is an affront to the owner and he or she should have asked them to vacate the table or made sure the water they supplied was actually passed by the management!

  3. The owner should have politely asked them to leave, or served the water from the tap, and charged them at least 10 Euros for sitting at the table.

  4. Obviously where ever these people come from they have no idea of where or how you have a picnic. Crete and all of Greece has an abundance of picnic spots, surprise, surprise but restaurants and hotels are not picnic areas. Sadly I know people who have done this sort of thing but I won’t disclose their origins here.

  5. Unqualifiable!! For sure Greece does not need tourists like these. They should be ashamed.!

  6. Having owned restaurants in the U.S., and having this same issue, I just told them to leave. All food while sitting at this table has to be purchased through the restaurant. No outside food allowed. Yes, some people have no shame…..

  7. You wouldn`t want it to become a habit, but if it were not a busy time of day when other diners were clamouring for a table, they weren`doiing much harm. People and families have all kinds of backgrounds, so it`s best to be a little less bad-tempered about it and let them enjoy their meal in peace. Even a cafe or restaurant can offer hospitality to strangers. Or must everything between humans be brought down to the level of a business transaction?