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Unbelievable abuse: Primitive thugs put firecracker in dog’s jaw

A dog had to be euthanized after he got seriously injured in an unbelievable incident of animal abuse and torture. Some thugs put a fire cracker into the mouth of the poor creature and kept the jaw closed until…

The primitive monsters fled but the poor dog was left behind with a broken jaw and a bleeding face.

The dog was found by two passerby at the side of a land road in the area of  Santova Avias in Kalamata, South Peloponnese, found the abused dog and alerted volunteers of the animal Welfare society of Kalamata. They rush the dog to a local veterinarian. He could not do much to the animal as it was not able to breathe. The most possible cause of the injury was reportedly a firecracker.

Euthanasia was the best option to relief the dog from endless suffering in an abuse that makes one wonder what kind of so-called human do live among us…

The abused took place on Thursday, April 5th 2018.

The case was made public by an animal friend on Facebook.


It looks as if there are some hints that it was two thugs who abused the dog. An award is being offered for the thugs’ names.

The incredible animal abuse has triggered an outrage in Greek social media websites and hundreds if not thousands of people demand that the perpetrators are found and taken to justice.

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  1. When we experience this kind off animal cruelty, it’s usually commited by nonautochous.

  2. If people think it’s ok to abuse animals in this way then it’s likely to be only a short step before they think they can abuse people in the same way. There should be no place in a civilised society for people who think this is ok and no place for those sheltering or protecting them either. Next time it could be a child….

  3. That kind of behavior is unthinkable! I hope they catch the person(s) responsible for this act and get them the help they need. That poor dog I hope he is happy in heaven where he surely must be.

  4. What a beautiful dog … such a grievous, hateful action. I so hope they culprits are caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If the laws do not consider this a felony deserving of major fines and jail time, than they need to be changed.

  5. These countries need to punish these people!!! How cold hearted can someone be to abuse an animal? If they have such a thought that killing a dog is ok and they are not held accountable what is going to stop them from moving onto a human being?

  6. si les Gouvernements pourraient s’intéresser au pauvre animal sans défense surtout les cou pendanble sa serait pour un temps (leur faire vivre le même douleur pour leur apprendre à vivre)

  7. The people that did this need to have the same thing done to them. Dogs are part of you family and deserve the have the right to be treated as one. I wish they would raise the penalty to a more severe penalty than there is now.

  8. Please bring this cruel criminal to justice. And then bring him to real justice, and put some firecrackers in his mouth, and let them off and give him no pain medicine. I would pay money to see that. Please catch and eliminate the subhuman who did this!! Oh if only I could have him.

  9. outrageous prosecute to the fullest extent of the Law & Beyond