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First Resurrection with the “flying” priest in Chios church (video)

In his unique way, the priest of the Holy Church of Panagia Evangellistria on the island of Chios made again a spectacular entrance bringing the joyful message of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to the faithful. Holding a basket will laurels, priest Christoforos Gourlis leaves the Sanctuary with a jump.

He goes around distributing, or better saying, throwing, laurels to the cheerful faithful.

The chandeliers are moving and the wooden benches are producing a loud noise as Jesus exits the Grave....

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In times of internet technology, the faithful do not miss the opportunity but raise their smart and iphones, taking shots and footage from the event and upload it on social media.

Father Christoforos is famous for his unconventional Resurrection message especially maong the youth. He is famous in the last years not only in Greece.

A camera crew from Australia was present in the church this year and filmed the event.




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  1. j’aimerais tellement que mes compatriotes calvinistes genevois voient cela !!

  2. I am surprised to see Greek people filming the Easter celebrations on their phones in this way. My wife and I are not Orthodox Christians but we join in the pain and joy of the Easter celebrations with our local community. In all the years we have been here I have never filmed or photographed the religious aspects of the festival because to do so seems to me to be disrespectful and intrusive. It is the cornerstone of a faith and not some entertainment for social media. Perhaps I’m just out of touch with the times…..

  3. Good on him! Shame his whole service wasnt broadcast!

  4. Tony, it depends on how you see it. I see a religious ceremony. Do you see it as “entertainment”?

  5. Some people film the whole thing at my church too. Or at least the “come receive the light ” portion. And always some smartass will turn on the phone light after they turn off all the church lights. These are usually the “twice a year” people. Kids and Nintendo were a thing some years ago. Now they give them the phone…

    Christos anesti everyone