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Greek Easter and “Christos Anesti” with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks is the most favorite Greek Orthodox Hollywood star. As every year since 1988, he joins the celebrations for Jesus Resurrection at midnight Saturday on Greek Orthodox Easter. And the rich feast the day after.

Tom Hanks, wife Rita Wilson, actresses Nia Vardalos and Melina Kanakaridi


Before marrying Wilson in 1988, Hanks converted to the Greek Orthodox Church, the religion of Wilson and her family. He said, “I must say that when I go to church—and I do go to church—I ponder the mystery. I meditate on the ‘why?’ of ‘why people are as they are’ and ‘why bad things happen to good people,’ and ‘why good things happen to bad people’ … The mystery is what I think is, almost, the grand unifying theory of all mankind.”

As Gus Portokalos would say “if Tom celebrates Orthodox Easter, he is a Greek!”

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