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Finance ministry offers overtaxation protection to occasional workers for 2017 income

Greece’s Finance Ministry submitted a regulation to the Parliament offering tax protection to occasional workers with low annual income. The regulation refers to incomes obtained in 2017 and was submitted ahead of the tax declarations to be made in coming weeks of 2018.

The regulation allows low-income tax payers who had occasional employment in 2017 to not be taxed as self-employed and freelancers but as employed and pensioners.

Occasional employment and even some earnings from interest rates form deposits had led to absurd over taxation in the past as it had the people being taxed according to deemed income criteria.

  • In 2017 (tax year 2016) an unemployed taxpayer who declared total income of 0.24 euro from interest had to pay €4,470.30 in taxes. He man lived in a 70sqmeter home that did not even belonged to him but to his mother. He owned a private car 1756cc.

According to the regulation:

if the annual income that does not exceed 6,000 euros and the deemed income does not exceed 9,500 euros  and the tax payers are not registered as self-employed or farmers they will benefit from the €1,900-€2,100 tax-free amount as the categories of employed and pensioners.

The regulation will affect students, unemployed and housewives, media note.

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  1. always the extra special shakedown for the self-employed and farmers though.. you’re all supposed to be slaves on the plantation!

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