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Athens: Woman fakes assault and rape attempt to avoid marriage

A young woman in Athens faked an assault and rape attempt to avoid marriage, Greek police has found. The 34-year-old claimed to police a perpetrator had pushed her to the ground, then pulled and knife and injured her and would attempt sexually assault her by pulling down her panties. She had successfully defended herself and the attacker fled on a motorcycle driven by another person.

The incident allegedly took place near the park of Gyzi district of Athens at 9 p.m. last Wednesday, when the woman had left the private clinic where she was working as a dentist and had neared her parked car.

While police was seeking for the perpetrator, interrogators noticed several gaps in the woman’s testimony in an attack that looked as if the perpetrator had lurked for her. She had claimed that she screamed “but nobody heard anything in the very populated area,” police found. She further claimed she did not had her bag with her.

Police considered as suspicious her claim that the sexual offender would have an accomplice.

While police continued to interrogate the alleged victim, the woman revealed the truth: she faked the assault in order to avoid marriage to her fiance. She confessed further that she had injured herself with a knife on the thighs, the breast and the abdomen.

Now the woman is facing Justice as she has been prosecuted for false denouncement and unnecessary mobilization of authorities.

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  1. There must be easier and less costly ways to get out of a marriage?! First make a contract with three main clauses:
    1. If a future separation occurs neither party owes absolutely ANYTHING to the other.
    2. State that each party is marrying ONLY the other and not their pain-in-the-rear family!
    3. If either party asks the question “Do you really love me?” then the marriage is annulled on the spot. If the party isn’t sure of that fact then they shouldn’t have married in the first place.

    This should satisfy the fears of both sides.